25th PLEA International Conference
> Wed 22nd Oct
> Thurs 23rd Oct
> Fri 24th Oct
Papers - Oral

Thursday 23rd October 2008

Keynote Presentation Chris Tweed (available on the PLEA 2008 website)
Keynote Presentation Mario Cucinella (available on the PLEA 2008 website)

Innovative Materials, Components and Systems 1 Integrated Design Practice Showcase of Irish Architecture
Innovative Materials, Components and Systems 2 Low Energy Design Strategy 1 Passive Design & Policy
Daylight & Architecture 1 Low Energy Design Strategy 2 Poster Session 1
Daylight & Architecture 2 Low Energy Design Strategy 3 Poster Session 2

Innovative Materials, Components and Systems 1 Back to index
Session Chair: J. R. Garcia Chavez
733 U-values for better energy performance of residential buildings
Chris Hamans, Eurima - Rockwool International A.S.
676 Analyzing environmental performance of AAC blocks, strawbales and mud-plaster in hybrid wall construction
Soofia Tahira Elias-Ozkan, Middle East Technical University
314 Influence of reflective coatings on the energy demand and thermal comfort in dwellings at Mediterranean latitudes
Michele Zinzi, enea
321 Agricultural Waste Materials as Thermal Insulation for Dwellings in Thailand: Preliminary Results
Satta Panyakaew, University of Sheffield
441 Applied design of an energy-efficient multi-layered membrane roofing system for climate-control of semi-permanent shelters
Tim de Haas, Technical University Eindhoven

Integrated Design Practice Back to index
Session Chair: Koen Steemers
390 CASANAT - Reference Centre of Sustainable Building in Urban Area
Miguel Sattler Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
113 Integration of Architecture and Engineering: A simulation assisted design of zero-energy solar house in the United States
Na Wang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
371 Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) VS Green Architecture (LEED)
Edna Shaviv, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
654 Developing Integrated Energy Design as a standard practice of building design
Afroditi Synnefa, NKUA
655 Towards closed cycles - New strategy steps based on the cradle to cradle approach
Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Delft University of Technology

Showcase of Irish Architecture Back to index
Presentations to be made available on PLEA 2008 website after the conference
Session Chair: Dean Hawkes
Clonburris Sustainable Development
South Dublin County Council
York Street Housing Development
Sean Harrington Architects
Cork City Hall
ABK Architects
Wetlands Environment Centre and other projects
Solearth Ecological Architecture
Greening Public Buildings
Office of Public Works

Innovative Materials, Components and Systems 2 Back to index
Session Chair: Martin de Witt
433 Construction methods which can achieve A3 rating at minimal extra cost
James Pike, O’Mahony Pike Architects
548 Heat flux measurements and indoor temperatures in wood-based test cells
Eduardo Kruger, Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana
582 A Photovoltaic cell coupled with a phase changing material heat storage system in hot climates
Giuseppina Ciulla, Università degli Studi di Palermo
125 Simulation-based Assessment of the Prospects of Cool Paints in the Built Environment in the UK
Pieter de Wilde, University of Plymouth
474 Lighting and Thermal Performance of Innovative Shading Devices: New Insights into their Aesthetics and Control in a Mediterranean Climate
Vincent Buhagiar, University of Malta

Low Energy Design Strategy 1 Back to index
Session Chair: Brian Ford
383 Encapsulating sustainability principles for structural design of buildings
Timothy J McCarthy, University of Wollongong
624 Effective architectural design strategies for thermal comfort and energy efficiency in two nursery schools in Chile
Mario Ubillas, P. Catholic University of Chile
698 Sustainable Design Strategies in Industrial Building Refurbishments
Manuel Correia Guedes, Instituto Superior Tecnico
738 Bioclimatic Designs of Glover Residence in Nagasaki, Japan - How it was developed in the 19th century for hot-humid climate?
Yuichiro Kodama, Kobe Design University, Japan
218 Totnes Eco House: interaction between design and in-situ monitoring
Jim Carfrae, University of Plymouth

Passive Design & Policy Back to index
Session Chair: Bruce Haglund
443 NAVAN CREDIT UNION ECO OFFICES: Post Occupancy Evaluation and Reflections
Paul Leech, Paul Leech:GAIA ecotecture
409 Crossing Tresholds iLEEiD Demonstration House a Zero Energy House in Ireland
Patrick Daly, BESRaC
524 Tools for Designing Zero Energy Homes: How Well Do They Work in Dublin
Murray Milne, UCLA
106 Certification of Passive Houses: a Western European Overview
Mlecnik Erwin, TU Delft OTB
746 Generic Repeat Design Schools Ireland
Tony Sheppard, Department of Education & Science

Daylight & Architecture 1 Back to index
Session Chair: Paul Kenny
338 The Poetics of Sacred Light – a comparative study of the luminous environment in the Ronchamp Chapel and the Monastery of La Tourette
Benson Lau, Nottingham University
224 Acceptability of screen reflections: lighting strategies for improving quality of the visual environment in classrooms of the future
Tharinee Ramasoot, University of Sheffield
Fernando Oscar Ruttkay Pereira, Federal University of Santa Catarina
462 Informing daylighting design with the Lightsolve approach: why and how
Marilyne Andersen, MIT
Antonio Santos, LNEC – Portuguese Nat. Lab. Civil Engineering
354 Composing with Light: An Inside-Out Evaluation of the Role of Intuition and Simulation throughout the Design Process
Zigurds Greivulis

Low Energy Design Strategy 2 Back to index
Session Chair: Willi Weber
480 Risks and Solutions in the Practice of Building Retrofit
Tamas Csoknyai, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
208 LOW ENERGY DESIGN STRATEGIES for DIFFERENT CLIMATES of TURKEY: Comparison of Traditional and Modern Samples
A. Zerrin Yilmaz, Istanbul Technical University
621 Passive Environmental Control Methods for District and Building Scales on Taketomi Island
Daishi Inoue, The University of Kitakyushu
317 Thermal performance of houses located in Florianópolis, Southern Brazil
Enedir Ghisi Federal, University of Santa Catarina
212 Energy performance of energy conscious buildings; between design and reality…
Leo Gommans, Technical University Delft
386 Energy efficient renovation of dwellings lessons learned
Irena Kondratenko, ECN

Daylighting & Architecture 2 Back to index
Session Chair: Marilyne Anderson
319 Influences on lighting performance: the case of the 1908 Carnegie Public Library at Wednesbury, Birmingham, UK
Oriel Prizeman University of Cambridge
718 Investigating the performance of anidolic zenithal openings under real conditions in Greece
Katerina Tsikaloudaki, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
199 Displacing Electric Lighting with Optical Daylighting Systems
Liliana Beltran, Texas A&M University
211 Objective and Subjective Criteria Regarding the Sunlight and Daylight in Classrooms
Kleo Axarli, Aristoteles University Of Thessaloniki
520 LESO-SUNtool: Comprehensive simulation and optimisation for more sustainable urban design
Darren Robinson, Solar Energy & Building Physics Lab, EPFL
350 New Zealand Daylight Code Compliance Tool: Development and Implementation
Krystle Stewart, Victoria University of Wellington

Low Energy Design Strategy 3 Back to index
Session Chair: Despina Kyprianou Serghides
511 High Density, Low Energy: Achieving useful solar access for Dublin’s Multistory Apartment Developments
Giles Bruce, BDSP Partnership
690 Form Follows the Sun; Hill County SEZ Office Complex
Varun Kohli, SOM
197 The re-modelling of Ashburton Court: implementing natural ventilation in an existing urban building
Peter Fisher Bennetts Associates Architects
401 Effect of Internal Gains on Thermal Comfort in Welsh Dwellings
Eleni Ampatzi, Cardiff University
552 Towards sustainable construction in a developed and a developing country based on Life Cycle Assessment
Oscar Ortiz, University of Rovira i Virgili
425 Development of an interdisciplinary approach to the assessment of occupant-(building-environment) interactions: Case study of an atrium housing block in warm climates
Daoudi Nadia, Polytechnic School of Architecture and Urbanism

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