25th PLEA International Conference
> Wed 22nd Oct
> Thurs 23rd Oct
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Papers - Oral

Wednesday 22nd October 2008

Keynote Presentation Alexandros Tombazis (available on the PLEA 2008 website)
Keynote Presentation Alison Kwok (available on the PLEA 2008 website)

Sustainable Urban Design:
The City 1
Design Tools and Technique for the Building and its Fabric The User and Post-Occupancy Evaluation
Sustainable Urban Design:
Design Tools and Technique in Urban Design Comfort
Sustainable Urban Design: Community Design Support & Tools Climate Sensitive Architecture

Sustainable Urban Design: The City Back to index
Session Chair: Hans Rosenlund
316 Urban Tissue: the representation of the Urban Energy Potential
Wouter Leduc, Wageningen
186 Two Models for Sustainable Urban Growth of the Post-industrial City: ‘Port City’ and ‘City Campus’
Steffen Lehmann, The University of Newcastle (Australia)
639 Cities for pedestrians – Urban Mobility fosters Sustainability
Oscar Corbella, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
147 Urban forms, Life-style, and Energy Consumption: A Case of Bangkok Metropolis
Nopadon Sahachaisaeree, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
604 Environmental Urban Design for Central Urban Areas in São Paulo, Brazil
Joana Carla Soares Gonçalves, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paulo

Design Tools and Technique for the Building and its Fabric Back to index
Session Chair: Tamas Csoknyai
109 Controlling the temperature structure in a naturally ventilated room with an underfloor air supply system
Torwong Chenvidyakarn, University of Cambridge
360 Building Form Generation based on Multiple Performance Envelopes
Abraham Yezioro, Faculty of Architecture - Technion IIT
122 Intelligent facades in hot climates: energy and comfort strategies for successful application
Carlos Ochoa, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
504 On site evaluation of U-value of opaque building elements: a new methodology
Rossano Albatici, University of Trento
313 Experimental and Numerical Determination of Radiative Properties of Fenestration Systems
Antonio Santos, LNEC - Portuguese Nat. Lab. Civil Engineering

The User and Post-Occupancy Evaluation Back to index
Session Chair: Marco Sala
361 Dutch Research into User Behavior in Relation to Energy Use of Residences
Ellie de Groot, TNO Built Environment and Geosciences
559 Building sensitivity to climatic fluctuations and users’ actions: a challenge for high-tech buildings
Massimo Palme, Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña
169 Observation-based models of user control actions in buildings
Ardeshir Mahdavi, Vienna University of Technology
324 Post Occupancy Evaluation of non-domestic buildings using downdraught cooling: Case studies in the US
Rosa Schiano-Phan, University of Nottingham
649 Thermal Comfort Zone in Daily Life Considering Adjustments by Residents
Tamaki Fukazawa, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Sustainable Urban Design: Neighbourhood Back to index
Session Chair: Gerald Mills
578 Spanish-American Urbanism Based on the Laws of the Indies: A Comparative Environmental Study of Eight Cities
Jose Manuel Almodovar Melendo, University of Seville
287 Achieving Urban Sustainability through Urban Morphology Analyses and Optimum Ventilation
Tung-Shen Hsie, University of Sheffield
451 Microclimatic behavior of morphological urban areas in hot dry regions. Towards a definition of adapted indicators. Case study of Beni Isguen
Djenane Moussadek, University Mohamed Kheider. Biskra, Algeria
642 The CASANOVA district in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy
Alexandra Troi, EURAC research
368 Sustainable master planning using design grammars
Jan Halatsch, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
506 The Integrated Resource Management (IRM) model – a guidance tool for sustainable urban design
Jessen Page, Arup

Design Tools and Technique in Urban Design Back to index
Session Chair: Murray Milne
464 Open Urban Spaces Quality: A study in a historical square in Bath
Maria Solange G. de C. Fontes, UNESP
107 Simulated Performance of Windcatchers within an Urban Environment
Tomas Elizalde, UCL
677 Energy Efficiency Compared Studies at Masterplan Stage for a New Urban Development in Madrid
Francisco Rodriguez, Labein Tecnalia
644 LESO-SUNtool: Comprehensive simulation and optimization for more sustainable urban design
Darren Robinson, Solar Energy and Building Physics Lab.
261 Energy consumption as a function of urban variables
Lea Souza, State University of São Paulo
104 Thermal Comfort Zone in Daily Life Considering Adjustments by Residents
Tamaki Fukazawa, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Comfort Back to index
Session Chair: Liliana O Beltran
325 Exploring the variation of the desired thermal sensation in tropical climate: A pilot study
Vorapat Inkarojrit, Chulalongkorn University
650 Evaluating psychological effects of climatic factors in educational
Farzin Haghparast, Tabriz Islamic Art University
108 The analysis of the role of office space architectural design on occupant physical activity
Stamatina Rassia, University of Cambridge
591 Building Transition Spaces, Comfort and Energy Use
Adrian Pitts, Sheffield Hallam University
619 Thermal Comfort Zone for External Areas in Subtropical Climate
Lucila Chebel, Labaki University of Campinas
526 Extreme STUDIO & AOTEA STUDIO: Experiments of environmentally, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary educational projects in New Zealand
Rosangela Tenorio, University of Auckland

Sustainable Urban Design: Community Back to index
Session Chair: Joanna Goncalves
273 Sustainable Brasilia’s University campus expansion
Marta Romero, UNB
398 Reconciling Housing Density and Housing Diversity in Urban Neighborhoods
Ted Shelton, University of Tennessee
120 Low energy communities with district heating and cooling
Sabine Froning, Euroheat & Power
515 Inter-seasonal Co-generation as a Carbon-neutral solution for heritage-led regeneration
Greg Keeffe, Manchester School of Architecture
562 Input Dataflow Management for the Simulation of Community Energy Use
Aikaterini Fragaki, Cardiff University
194 A Field Investigation on the Energy-saving Technologies Used in the Village Housing in North China
Yu Liu, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Design Support & Tools Back to index
Session Chair: Pieter de Wilde
590 Environmental quality of materials: Software tools of interest to architectural quality
Laure Fernandez, Grecau Ensa
377 Development of a support tool for building design optimization and renewable energy integration
Tiberiu Catalina, CETHIL (Centre De Thermique De Lyon)
556 Life cycle assessment as a tool for material selection and waste management within the building sector
Jorgelina Pasqualino, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
207 Parametric analysis as a methodical approach that facilitates the exploration of the creative space in low-energy and zero-energy design projects
Hanne Tine Ring, Hansen Ramboll Denmark
557 A method of weighting indicators of energy efficiency assessment in residential building in China
Yulan Yang, Chongqing University, P.R.China
469 D-LITE: a new perspective for searching and selecting light-control technologies as a designer
Rosa Urbano Gutierrez, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Climate Sensitive Architecture Back to index
Session Chair: Kevin O'Rourke
586 Energy Efficient Germent Factories in Bangladesh
Farah Naz, Gifford Ltd
304 Wind Comfort in Hign Density Cities
Vicky Cheng, University of Cambridge
245 Smart Renovation
Michiel Ham, Eindhoven University of Technology
595 The Sigma Home: towards an authentic evaluation of a prototype building
Fionn Stevenson, Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development
253 A survey on energy consumption in rural households in the North Shaanxi Province (PR, China)
Gong Xinzhi, Northwestern Polytechnical University
709 A Low-Energy Passenger Terminal Building for Ahmedabad Airport, India:‘Building Envelope as an Environment regulator’
Annie Diana Babu, AA School of Architecture, London

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