25th PLEA International Conference
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PLEA 2008 Papers

This site contains the proceedings of the Passive and Low Energy Architecture 2008 Conference held at University College Dublin, Ireland on the 22nd to 24th October 2008, hosted by the UCD Energy Research Group and the UCD School of Architecture, Landscape and Civil Engineering.

User Instructions
The proceedings are presented as a complete and self-contained website. Papers are provided in PDF format and so a current version of a PDF reader will be required.

You can also use the Programme to browse paper topics and to help locate a particular paper or session of interest.

The papers are grouped into the session topics as presented on each of the three days of the conference. Please click on one of the days of the left hand column menu to browse the sessions and papers.

Posters are listed under their session title and in numeric order respectively.

To open a paper as a PDF please click the paper number adjacent to its title.

Editors: Paul Kenny, Vivienne Brophy, J. Owen Lewis

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Published 22nd October 2008
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