25th PLEA International Conference
> Wed 22nd Oct
> Thurs 23rd Oct
> Fri 24th Oct
Papers - Oral

Friday 24th October 2008

Zero Energy Building Sustainable Urban Design: The Urban Climate 1 The Role of Education
Low Carbon Design Sustainable Urban Design: The Urban Climate 2 Environmental Theory & Architecture
Zero Energy Building Regulation & Policy Sustainable Urban Design: The Urban Heat Island Renewable Energy Systems

Closing Plenary Sean O'Laoire (available on the PLEA 2008 website)

Zero Energy Building Back to index
Session Chair: Paula Cadima
651 Towards Zero Energy Renovation: Ex-Post Building in Bolzano/Italy
Alexandra Troi, EURAC research
745 Zero Energy House - Integrated Design and the Human Factor
Despina Kyprianou Serghides, Cyprus University of Technology
692 Defining Zero Energy Buildings - A life cycle perspective
Patxi Hernandez, University College Dublin
731 Sustainable Ecological Habitat: Towards Zero Energy Building
José Roberto García Chávez, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
305 Certification and benchmarking in the Hotel Sector; do they actually reduce Global CO2 Emissions?
Aoife Houlihan Wiberg, University of Cambridge
679 An Investigation to Design Strategies of Traditional Zero-Energy Water Reservoir Buildings in Iran: An Outlook to Innovative Passive Cooling System
Farzin Haghparast Tabriz Islamic Art University

Sustainable Urban Design: The Urban Climate 1 Back to index
Session Chair: Darren Robinson
561 Seasonal impact of building densities and urban forest configurations on the thermal conditions in urban canyons. The case of Mendoza’s Metropolitan Area in Argentina
Claudia Fernanda Martinez, Centro Científico Tecnológico - Conicet
118 Urban Climate – an experience from Hong Kong
Chun Yiu Lau, Chinese University of Hong Kong
217 Implementation of bioclimatic principles in the design of urban open spaces: microclimatic improvement for the cooling period of an open space adjacent to the sea
Kleo Axarli,Aristoteles University Of Thessaloniki
663 Expression forms of climate adaptability urban design guidelines and relevant description methods of urban forms
Yuan Huang, Laboratoire CERMA
491 Microclimate and Urban Form in Dubai
Harsh Thapa, Foster and Partners
250 Urban climatology and its relevance to urban design
Gerald Mills, University College Dublin

The Role of Education Back to index
Session Chair: Susan Roaf
198 Pioneering the 2010 Imperative in Studio: Carbon-Neutral Studios 2006 and
Bruce Haglund, University of Idaho
329 The notion of medium in architectural teaching or, how would we teach architecture if air was water?
Ricardo Martinez, The University of Nottingham
339 ‘Duaal’ learning program and Multidisciplinary master design project for sustainable climatic design
Marinus Van Houten, Technical University Eindhoven
498 Integrated Sustainability and Environmental Design in an African Architecture Circulum: The Case of Uganda
Mark Olweny. Uganda Martyrs University
592 Learning from practice: a model for integrating sustainable design in architectural education
Maureen Trebilcock, Universidad del Bio-Bio
693 Engaging Architects and Architectural Students in the Spread of Global Warming Awareness and the Application of Renewable Energy Techniques in Our Communities
Amira ElNokaly, University of Lincoln

Low Carbon Design Back to index
Session Chair: Fionn Stevenson
382 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN ‘Passive House’ Student Residences - Roebuck Hall II
Tony Rigg, Kavanagh Tuite
432 The Passivhaus standard in the UK: Is it desirable? Is it achievable?
Rosa Schiano-Phan, University of Nottingham
536 Feasibility studies on the Development of the Zero-emission CO2 Residential Communities in China
Nianxiong Liu, Tsinghua University
444 Passive house in traditional way?
Andras Zold, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
135 The impact of carbon modelling on domestic building design
Pieter de Wilde, University of Plymouth
299 Ilan Ramon-Elementary School, Jerusalem
Ruth Lahav, R.Lahav Rigg architects town planners

Sustainable Urban Design: The Urban Climate 2 Back to index
Session Chair: Tony Rigg
601 Climate Analysis and Strategies for the Bioclimatic Design Process
Heitor Da Costa Silva, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - ufrgs
457 The cooling effect and water consumption of urban landscape strategies in a hot dry climate
Evyatar Erell, Ben Gurion University
179 Plant Canopy Planting Design in Modifying Urban Thermal Environment: Theory and Guidelines
Mohd Fairuz Shahidan, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
214 Cooling performance of green roofs
Kleanthi Kanellopoulou, Oxford Brooks University
684 From the Modern toit jardins to the current green roofs: can a hit become classic?
Aloisio Schmid, UFPR

Environmental Theory & Architecture Back to index
Session Chair: Hugh Campbell
151 The Architecture of Climate: Studies in environmental history, Smythson and the Smithsons
Dean Hawkes, University of Cambridge
191 The Building of the Great Exhibition of 1851 - an Environmental Design Experiment
Henrik Schoenefeldt, University of Cambridge
227 Energy-conscious landscape design: Synergy between ecosystem thinking and spatial planning
Sven Stremke, Wageningen University and Research
540 Modern Architecture: rescuing passive principles for a temperate climate in Brazil
Aloisio Schmid, UFPR
739 The Many Faces of the Wind – and its Catchers
Susan Roaf, Heriot-Watt University
342 The New York Times Building ceramic rod façade: aesthetic vision and sustainability principles in high- profile contemporary architecture
Simone Medio, The University of Lincoln

Zero Energy Building Regulation & Policy Back to index
Session Chair: Edna Shaviv
399 Moving the entire building sector towards low CO2 emissions
Anna Pagès Ramon, Technical University of Catalonia – UPC
495 Driving change in the UK built environment: A review of the impacts of zero carbon buildings policy in the UK
Tessa Parnell, Fulcrum Consulting
460 Zero Carbon by 2011: Delivering Sustainable Affordable Homes in Wales
Matthew Jones, Design Research Unit Wales
378 Assessing the relationship between energy thermal regulations and passive comfort in buildings
Vítor Leal, IDMEC – Institute of Mechanical Engineering / FEUP – Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto
178 Sustainable design for retail buildings
Federico Montella ,Architectural Association School of Architecture

Sustainable Urban Design: The Urban Heat Island Back to index
Session Chair: Simos Yannas
330 Daytime urban heat island intensity in London during the winter season
Giridharan Renganathan, Brunel University
396 An Analysis of the Urban Heat Island of Sheffield – the Impact of a Changing Climate
Susan Lee, University of Sheffield
641 Influence of land use and occupation in the urban heat island
Lucila Chebel Labaki, University of Campinas
588 Set up of a monitoring system for a preliminary evaluation of the Urban Heat Island in the town of Palermo
Simona Culotta, DREAM University of Palermo
658 Ice Tea City or Climate 22

Renewable Energy Systems Back to index
Session Chair: Adrian Pitts
744 Interdisciplinary Partnering / Integrated Design: Georgia Tech’s Entry in Solar Decathlon 2007
Christopher Jarrett, Georgia Institute of Technology
153 Assessment on Non-technical Barriers for Widespread Adoption of Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems (BIPV) in Malaysian Urban Residential Sector
Chin Haw Lim, Faculty Of Design And Architecture, University Putra Malaysia
628 Experimental Investigation of Fluid Flow Regime in Thermosyphon Heat-pipe Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heaters
David Redpath, University of Ulster
735 Singapore’s first Zero-Energy-Building – Introduction and Evaluation of various BIPV Design proposals
Anupama , National University of Singapore
458 Renewable Energy Sources in Small Communities
Agapi Fylaktou-Cattaneo, Fylaktou-Cattaneo

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