Hong Kong Travel Tips

1. Octopus Card

Octopus card is an extremely versatile stored-value electronic card that can be used for most public transport, as well as purchases in convenience stores, fast food shops, supermarkets, cake shops, vending machines and more. Various types of Octopus cards are available. The best types for visitors include Sold Tourist Octopus card at HK$39 and On-loan Octopus card with a refundable deposit of HK$50. You can top up at convenience stores, supermarkets and MTR stations.

2. Moving around by MTR

It is easy to go sightseeing and get to the famous attractions in Hong Kong by MTR. Please visit the MTR's official website to check the details of the MTR stations, traveling time and transportation fee.

3. Safety

Hong Kong is remarkably safe by day and night. Hong Kong's crime rate is generally rather low. However, to ensure your stay is a pleasant one, you should always take extra care of your belongings at all times.

4. Food

Don't drink tap water in Hong Kong. Boil the water before drinking.

Try local food. Dim sum, chinese barbecue, chinese dumpling (wonton) noodles, local street food like egg tart, pineapple buns, egg waffles, curry fishballs, milk tea... more here.

5. Clothing

Be comfortable with casual wear. December in Hong Kong is dry and cool (around 16-22 degree C). At most premises are air-conditioned, you might need a light sweater or jacket. Know more about Hong Kong's climate here.

6. Smoking ban

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor public places, including school campus, restaurants and malls. The smoking ban is also implemented on public transport facilities. Any person who smokes or carries a lighted cigarette, cigar, or pipe in designated no-smoking areas will be liable to a fixed penalty of HK$1,500. 

Useful Travel Websites and Apps

  • Discover Hong Kong - Official website of The Hong Kong Tourism Board for trip planning.
  • My Hong Kong Guide App - Official all-in-one trip planning app developed by The Hong Kong Tourism Board for over 1,000 activities and attractions.
  • HKeTransport Website/App - One-stop point-to-point public transport route enquiry, included MTR, buses, minibus, ferry and trams.
  • MTR Mobile App - Check recommended routing, estimated journey time and interchange platforms when travelling on the MTR.
  • Open Rice Hong Kong Website/App - Dining guide with ratings, reviews and snaps of dishes. Can search for restaurants by cuisine, district, restaurant type or price range.
  • Walk in Hong Kong - Special Hong Kong walking tours.
  • Enjoy Hiking - Hiking information by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.