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International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)
Winter School 2013 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

January 19 - February 2, 2013

The topic “Sustainable Communities - Future New Towns for Hong Kong” is a controversial question: Is it still possible and desirable to plan new cities, and what are the challenges and opportunities? In the West, the “New Towns” of the 20th century are widely regarded as failures, and cities are considered as already built. The general demographics and resource distribution point towards urban re-generation rather than expansion. However, in other parts of the world, urbanization is continuing at high speed. In China, which accounts for the biggest portion of urban growth, in the last decade a series of “eco-cities” were planned as experiments for more sustainable development. Despite high ambitions, the results of these attempts often fall short, especially in regards of their ability to create sustainable communities. As urban growth here still continues, it deserves the attention of urbanists, policymakers, planners, and designers, to learn from mistakes. But, it also gives an opportunity for fundamental reconsiderations on future ways of living.

The objective of the Hung Shui Kiu studio project for the 2013 IFoU Winter School will be to produce, in parallel with the work currently being developed for the proposed new town by various public and private bodies, a set of radical proposals for the future, and to evaluate these projects not only in terms of their potential sustainability but also in terms of broader intentions that could make of Hung Shui Kiu an “ideal city” on a par with Hong Kong, in terms of aesthetics, distinctive identity, sense of place, diversity and quality of urban life.

The students will be asked to first make strategic urban design proposals addressing the whole site of the NDA and secondly to make conceptual urban design proposals for different sectors and design sub-themes within this overall strategy for the new town. So far, Hong Kong’s new towns have been, on the whole, rather bland and generic: Hung Shui Kiu must be memorable: it must aim to be an “ideal city”.

Participating Universities
Beijing University of Technology
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chonnam National University
Delft University of Technology
National University Singapore
National Taiwan University
Sungkyunkwan University Seoul
UPC Barcelona
Yaşar University

Initiated by
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
in collaboration with the
International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)

The School of Architecture, CUHK

19th January - 2nd February, 2013

Mentors from CUHK
Prof. Colin Fournier
Prof. Daniel Pätzold
Prof. Hendrik Tieben
Prof. Sujata Govada
Prof. TSOU Jin-Yeu
Prof. Minjung Maing
Prof. YEUNG Kwong-fai Alfred
Dr. LIU Biao
MO Kar Him
Mika Savela

Guest mentors
Roberto Cavallo (TU Delft)
Im Sik Cho (NUS)
Maurice Harteveld (TU Delft)
HUI Xiaoxi Sebastian (BJUT & IFoU Coordinator)
KANG Min-jay (National Taiwan University)
Seçkin Kutucu (Yaşar University, Izmir)
LIAO Hanwen (BJUT)
Michela Turrin (TU Delft/Yaşar University)
Ronald Wall (IHS)
Uoo Sang You (Chonnam University)
Estanislau Roca Blanch (UPC Barcelona)
Francesco Rossini (UPC Barcelona)
Jürgen Rosemann (NUS & IFoU Chairman)
WANG Chiuyuan Vivienne (TU Delft & IFoU General Director)

Guests and Speakers
Arnd Bätzner (University of St.Gallen)
Amy YM CHEUNG (HKSARG Planning Department)
Sylvia HE (CUHK)
LIU Heng Doreen (CUHK)
NG Mee Kam (CUHK)
Tommy Leung (CUHK)
Linda Vlassenrood (International New Town Institute)
YIU Chin Steve (MTR Corporation)

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IFoU Winter School 2013

For further info, please contact the persons-in-charge
Prof. Hendrik Tieben ‒ hktieben@cuhk.edu.hk
Mo Kar Him ‒ momo5385@gmail.com

Winter School Events and Talks:

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20.1.2013 23.1.2013
Introduction Lectures Lecture 1 – Ronald Wall:
Pearl River Delta Network
24.1.2013 26.1.2013
Lecture 2 – Sylvia He
When Growth Grinding to a Halt:
Population and Economic Development
of Chinese Resource-Depleted Cities
28.1.2013 28.1.2013
Lecture 3 – Estanislau Roca Blanch:
22@ Barcelona –
10 Years of Urban Renewal
Lecture 4 – Francesco Rossini:
The Role of Railway Stations in
the Renewal of Italian Cities

1.2.2013 1.2.2013
Round-table Event


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Project Coordinator
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