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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Urban Inclusion
URBAN LAB+ 2nd Cluster Meeting

School of Architecture and The Institute of Future Cities
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
December 16-20, 2014

The five-day IN/EX Cluster Meeting at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) brings together teachers and students from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Technical University Berlin, and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg to discuss Interdisciplinary Approaches to Urban Inclusion. The cluster meeting is organised as an event of URBAN LAB+, a network of urban laboratories in the global North and South. URBAN LAB+ is an Erasmus Mundus programme funded by the European Union.

Within the context of a world ever more urban, several Higher Education Institutions around the world have established "Urban Laboratories" to expand and strengthen their competences in the realms of architecture, urban planning and other built environment disciplines. These units are dedicated to inter- or transdisciplinary research and learning, put an emphasis on hands-on collaborative research and education, and are bringing together the disciplinary resources of the academy with the practical spheres of architecture, urban design and planning.

The Cluster Meeting in Hong Kong discusses Interdisciplinary Approaches to Urban Inclusion. Through case studies in Berlin, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, and Santiago the participants explore how the aspirations and needs of diverse communities are met in large-scale public space and transportation projects, and how different actors are included in the planning process.

The IN/EX Cluster Meeting takes place from December 16-20, 2014 at the School of Architecture and Institute of Future Cities at CUHK and brings together participants from various disciplines, including architecture, urban design, economy, geography, sociology, anthropology and planning.

The workshop is held in such different formats as public lectures, poster presentations, field studies and on-site discussions, attended by teachers and students from the four universities, guest speakers and the general public.

IN/EX Cluster Meeting addresses the following questions:

  1. How can an interdisciplinary approach to teaching enhance urban inclusion?
  2. What are the different disciplinary indicators and scales to measure urban inclusion?
  3. How can public space and transport systems be planned in an interdisciplinary approach to achieve urban inclusion?
  4. Who are the actors included in the urban process and who are those excluded?

Participating Urban Laboratories

Organised by:
School of Architecture, CUHK
M.Sc. in Urban Design Programme
B.S.Sc. in Urban Studies Programme, Department of Geography and Resource Management, CUHK

Co-organised by:
Institute of Future Cities (IOFC), CUHK

Supported by:
Erasmus Mundus Action 3
European Union

For further info, please contact:
Prof. Hendrik Tieben ‒ hktieben(at)cuhk.edu.hk
Mika Savela ‒ mika(at)mikasavela.com
Janice Leung ‒ siujanni(at)gmail.com


(Download the full programme as PDF)

Monday 15 December ‒ Arrival

Tuesday 16 December ‒ Welcome and Public Lectures Event

Wednesday 17 December ‒ Study Trip 1

Thursday 18 December ‒ Study Trip 2

Friday 19 December ‒ Working Sessions

Saturday 20 December ‒ Final Discussions and Departure

IN/EX Public Lectures Event

Venue: Exhibition Zone F, 1/F, School of Architecture, AIT Building, CUHK

Free Entry

2:00 p.m. Welcome: Hendrik TIEBEN, Director, MSc in Urban Design Programme, School of Architecture, CUHK
Opening Words: LEUNG Yee, Director, Institute of Future Cities, CUHK
2:30 p.m. Session 1
  • Edward YIU Chung-yim, Associate Director, Institute of Future Cities, CUHK / Land Injustice and the Umbrella Movement
  • Essy BANIASSAD, Adjunct Professor, School of Architecture, CUHK / The Rise of Community Activism: The Interface Between the Formal and Informal Sectors - Case Studies in Public Transport and Urban Development
  • Johannes NOVY, TU Berlin / ‘Integrated’ But Contested: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Rail Station Area Redevelopment Project 'Stuttgart 21', Germany
  • Solam MKHABELA, Lecturer, School of Architecture and Planning, WITS, Johannesburg / The Edge Condition and the Vulnerable - The Cases of Johannesburg and Pretoria
Moderator: Hendrik TIEBEN
Respondent: Sylvia HE, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Resource Management, CUHK
4:00 p.m. Coffee Break
2:30 p.m. Session 1
  • Paul O’CONNOR, Adjunct Assistant Professors, Department of Anthropology, CUHK / The Understanding of Space by South Asian Youth in Hong Kong
  • NG Mee-kam, Director, Urban Studies Programme, CUHK / Absence of Community Planning and People’s Right to the City: Case Studies in Hong Kong
  • Paola ALFARO D’ALEN?ON, TU Berlin / Who Wins and Who Loses in Transportation Megaprojects? Critical Reflections on Interdisciplinary Developments in Berlin
  • Roberto MORIS, Assistant Professor School of Architecture and Urban Studies, PUC, Santiago / Measuring Urban Inclusion - The Case of La Reina
Moderator: Mika SAVELA, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Architecture, CUHK
Respondent: Colin FOURNIER, Visiting Professor, School of Architecture, CUHK
6:00 p.m. Closing Remarks: Daniela KONRAD, TU Berlin