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Study Scheme

Courses for 2021-2022

Students are required to complete a minimum of 36 units of courses for graduation. Available and required courses are listed below. (The course outlines can be downloaded here later.)

Required courses: 27 units
Elective courses: 9 units

Y1 First Term:

Y1 Second Term:

Y1 Summer Term:

Y2 First Term:

Full Course List:

- URBD5702 Environmental and Urban Economics - 3 units
- URBD5703 Urban History & Theory - 3 units
- URBD5704 Research methods in Urban Design - 3 units
- URBD5710 Urban Design Studio I - 6 units
- URBD5720 Urban Design Studio II - 6 units
- URBD5731 Topical Studies in Urban Design 1 - Urban Processes - 3 units
- URBD5732 Topical Studies in Urban Design 2 - Urban Transport Networks - 3 units
- URBD5733 Topical Studies in Urban Design 3 - Urban Management - 3 units
- URBD5734 Topical Studies in Urban Design 4 - International Workshop - 3 units
- URBD5735 Environmental Design for Liveable and Healthy Cities - 3 units
- URBD6701 Urban Design Thesis 6 units
- ARCH5731 Topical Studies in Urbanism 3 - units

Other Requirements

(a) Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
(b) A student who obtains a cumulative grade point average (GPA) below 2.0 in the preceding term or receives a failure grade in thesis monitoring courses (for Research Postgraduate Programmes) will be put on academic probation. For details, please refer to Clause 14.0 “Unsatisfactory Performance and Discontinuation of Studies” of the General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies which can be accessed from the Graduate School Homepage: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/gss.