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Village Improvment Project in Datan Village



Datan village is a typical Hui(回族) village located in the Northwest China. In the past, local villagers in Datan have to wad across the Malu River (馬鹿河) to reach the outside world. Two footbridges were built In 2008 and 2011 to improve commutation safety of over 3,800 local villagers from 4 nearby villages (Including Datan Village). More importantly, the team of student volunteers and professionals has built up mutual trust and collaboration relationship with locals.

Following the successful completion of bridge building project in Datan Village, the project teams continue to provide continuation support to this poor and deprived village with the launch of a village improvement programme. Key project items include:

  1. Village centre construction and development
  2. Established a basketball court next to the centre
  3. Village pathway improvement works
  4. Organized public health education workshops. Help villagers to improve their residential environment such as hygiene conditions and conditions of livestock raising.
  5. 5.Other livelihood enrichment programme such as training workshop for local students.

Location: Datan Village, Zhangjia County, Tianshui City, Gansu Province, China

Date: 2008-2011

Building type: Village development


Project architects and key team members: Edward NG, MU Jun, YANG Lu, Michael CHAN, CHEN Yang

Sponsor: Cartier International S.A. Genève / Wharf China Limited / Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation


Research and publication:

-YANG Lu, Michael CHAN Cheung, Edward NG.(2009).A Spiritual Bridge with Love.Time+Architecture,106,124-127.

-Yang CHEN, Edward NG. (2013).Public Participation and Social Life: A Green Building Practice in Rural Northwest China.PLEA2013-29th Conference, Sustainable Architecture for a Renewable Future, Munich, Germany September 10-12.