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Since 2005, the team has built school and bridges for rural areas in Mainland China. In addition, they also re-built village demonstration houses in response to the aftermath of an earthquake. With over 10 years experience, the team is looking for a sustainable assistance programme which is more sytematic and effective.

The objective of the programme is to save lives, to help the children and elders, to assist women villagers, to heal the sick, and to promote rural sustainable development by providing the following scope of works:

  • Safe and comfortable living environment (*Architecture, Engineering)
  • Heritage and local culture (*Anthropology, Social Science)
  • Health and well-being of villagers (*Public Health, Medicine)
  • Waste and pollution control (*Environmental Science/Engineering)
  • Improved rural education (*Education, Law, Social Science)
  • Local economy activation (*Business, Economics)

* University disciplines



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