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“One University One Village” is a rural sustainable development assistance programme. We hope to bring together the expertise, knowledge and human resources of "a university" to improve the livelihood of "a village" and its needy villagers in a strategic, systematic and sustainable manner. 

“One University One Village” aims to save lives, to improve lives, to help the children and elders, to assist women villagers, to heal the sick, to improve amenities and hygiene, to educate the illiterate, to facilitate their economic development, to respect their heritage and to promote their social development, to better cope with risks and disasters, to help them to preserve their ecology and environment, and to promote rural sustainable development.

“One University One Village” is a fraternity of like-minded professors.  We gang together the experience, knowledge and scholarship of professors of universities.  We gather a database of our work. We arrange events to meet up. We inspire our students.  And we form a collaborative network to share all the information and experience of university-based rural development works. Together, we build a knowledge community of solidity and humanity. 

“One University One Village” represents a group of "can-do" professors demonstrating to the world that universities cares and we can. We professors aspire to create a knowledge-value-chain for the local governments in China and other NGOs; to inspire and to knowledge lead their work towards a better future for the rural communities. 

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