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Project Site @ Fangniuping Village, Cizhu Township, Yubei District, Chongqing, China

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Village group 4 in Fangniuping Village is located about 12 kilometers from the center of Cizhu Township. There are about 30 households live on the slopes of the side of the river. The local economy development is poor with a per capita annual income of 3,000 yuan. The income of the villagers is mainly from agriculture products. Young generation are mostly migrant workers. The elderly and children are left in the village

Various economical crops are planted around the potential bridge site. Tthe completion of new bridge will greatly facilitate the transportation of agricultural products by the villagers, benefiting approximately 300 people. Learnt from the village head, the flood season of the river is from May to October each year, and the flood can reach about 2.5 meters height. It seriously affect the commutation of the villagers.



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Sep 2019 - project progress

During the rain season since June, floods occurred. The installation work had to be postponed.


Mar 2019 - project progress

Main structure work of the bamboo bridge was almost completed. Once the site foundation work is done, the bridge will be transported to the site for installation.


May 2018 - 1st Investigation

The team conducted the 1st investigation trip in May and initially proposed to build a 12-meter bamboo footbridge for the villagers.


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