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Qiunatong Village - Early Childhood Education Service

Collaborated with Service-Learning Centre (SLC), Chung Chi College, CUHK and Hong Kong Child-Rity Association (HKCRA), 1U1V conducted the first early childhood education (ECE) service with the theme of “Play-based Learning” in Qiunatong Village, Yunnan, during 1-22 July 2016. 19 undergraduate students from Chung Chi College and 2 student volunteers recruited by HKCRA were taken part in the on-site service. The whole ECE service in Qiunatong Village lasted for 12 days. The team was divided into two groups. One group focused on the theme of “understanding of self” while the other focused on the topic of “get known to the village”. Each group designed the teaching materials before the service trip and they implemented and evaluated the course every day in the trip.