My Bikes



I learnt to ride bikes when I was a student in England.  My first bike was a Honda CB250RS.  It was a slow bike for novices, but it brought me to places.  When I was in Singapore, there was nothing exciting to do, so I decide to get back on my bikes.  It was fun Sunday morning riding into Malaysia, have breakfast in Melaka and return home for lunch.  The rule of the game was:  if you go more than 200 kmph, the patrol can’t be bothered.



My BMW K1200RS. This is the best and fastest bike I have ever ridden. For more information about this bike, go here.

My Harley Davidson Sportster 900. If I have to explain, you won't understand

My BMW R1100RT Touring bike. This picture was taken during our 8000 KM overland journey from Singapore to Golden Triangle, Thailand.