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Urban Design Studio

Entrepreneurial City Lab 1 - Re-Visioning To Kwa Wan

Parallel to the Magic Carpet project in To Kwa Wan, Urban Design students analyzed the area and developed projects addressing its challenges and opportunities. The students started with investigating different aspects of To Kwa Wan such as its local character and diverse culture, as well as the relationships between working, living and social networking. Utilizing a range of collected background data and the results of site observations, community meetings and interviews, the students developed their projects. The projects propose an alternative approach to urban regeneration as to maintain its diverse culture and social composition. The projects reflect in particular to the role of To Kwa Wan as an “Arrival District” which allowed newcomers to built-up their lives in Hong Kong and contribute to the wider community. Each project aims to contribute to the district’s quality of life and vibrancy, by providing affordable, and flexible spaces for living and working, encouraging entrepreneurism and facilitating social networking.

LIN Jiasi


SONG Wenxin

XIA Geyang

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