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Last update 17 Mar 2015


Green Living: urban climate and urban planning (posted on 17/3/2015)

Prof. Edward Ng and Prof. Chao Ren had been interviewed on the issue of urban climate and urban planning, such as wind penetration and daylight. And green buildings in Hong Kong and Singapore are introduced in the same column of Green Living. Please click on the picture to enlarge.

Mingpao, 11/1/2015

Mingpao, 18/1/2015

Mingpao, 25/1/2015

Mingpao, 1/2/2015


Breathing Life into Urban Housing Needs Using Advanced Computational Simulation (posted on 28/11/2014)

Our research team led by Prof. Edward Ng Yan-yung, has recently team up with researchers in Germany to study Hong Kong's hignly complicated atmospheric conditions and urban winds using the German reserachers' advanced computational simulation techniques and their national super computer (equivalent to more than 1000,000 desktop computers working together).

Prof. Edward Ng suggested that the long term sustainability of the city's urban living must not be compromised whilst the HKSAR Government has been trying hard to sourceland for housing. Scientifically led and evidence based planning decision making must be exercised to balance and to optimise the concern.

A few newspapers have reported on this latest research after the press interview by Prof. Edward Ng and the team on 26 Nov 2014. For more details, please click here to view the press release by CUHK.

am730, A22, 27/11/2014

Ming Pao Daily News, A10, 27/11/2014

Hong Kong Economic Journal, A16, 27/11/2014

Apple Daily, A08, 27/11/2014

(Please click the newspaper clippings to enlarge.)

Training Workshop 'Towards a Healthy City' (posted on 21/1/2014)

The 2-day training workshop titled 'Towards a Healthy City' has been successfully held on 18-19 January in CUHK. We have invited Prof Leung Wing Mo, Prof Gabriel Lau, Prof Lutz Katzschner, Prof Janet Barlow, Prof Edward Ng, Prof Willaim Goggins, Prof Emily Chan and Dr William Yu as our honourable speakers. 118 participants and 79 participants had attended day 1 and day 2 programmes respectively.

Training Workshop 'Towards a Healthy City' (posted on 6/1/2014)

Co-organised with Hong Kong Green Building Council and School of Public Health, we will host a 2-day training workshop on Jan 18-19 (Saturday and Sunday) in The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This workshop aims for design professionals, architects, engineers, surveyors, town planners, local researchers, postgraduates and the general public wishing to acquire some fundamental knowledge on climate, sustainable urban development and healthy living. The theme of day 1 is 'Climate & Planning'. Climate change, urban climate and case studies of application will be introduced. Day 2 will focus more on the relation of climate and public health. Lectures will be conducted in English. No prerequisite of climate/heath knowledge is required. Attending the whole workshop or either one-day programme is also accepted.

Please click here for the event details. To register online, please click here.
Deadline of application is 15 January 2014. Limited seats, first come first serve.

For enquiries, please contact Miss Wong at 3943 6597 or via email szewai@cuhk.edu.hk.

Five day Workshop at Xian Jiaotong University (posted on 3/1/2014)

Prof Ren Chao gave a 5-day workshop on urban climate and urban planning to 25 master students at XJTU from Dec 23 to Dec 27 in 2013.

Five-day Training Programme to Xian City Planning & Design Institute (posted on 17/12/2013)

Prof Chao Ren and Prof Edward Ng had organised a five-day training programme on sustainable design and eco-planning to Xian City Planning & Design Institute. The programme cover different topics including land development, ecological and environmental planning, urban climatic map, community engagment, historical heritage, housing development and public transport development in Hong Kong. Total 48 senior staff from the Institute joined the programme being held in September 1-5 (Phase I) and December 2-6 (Phase II) respectively.

Talk on Smart City and Healthy Living (posted on 28/10/2013)

Prof Chao Ren give a talk to around 380 F.5 & F.6 secondary students of the Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School on the topic of "Smart City and Healthy Living".

Our projects are awarded the Achievement Awards in the CUHK Awards of Excellence in Social Engagement 2013 (posted on 23/10/2013)

The three projects from 2009-2013 supported by Knowledge Transfer Office of CUHK, was awarded one of the Achievement Awards in the CUHK Awards of Excellence in Social Engagement 2013. On behalf of our team, Prof Chao Ren received the award on the Awards Presentation Ceremony held on 23 October 2013.

We would also like to express our heartfelt congratulations to Prof Emily Chan of The Jockey Club School of Public Health, our project collaborator for ICON project 2012-13, for being award the Best Interdisciplinary Award with her project "Technical knowledge transfer of evidence-based health and medical humanitarian assistance to field based practitioners in emergency and crisis".

Our project is selected as one of the demonstration projects in the KTO exhibition entitled "Making Knowledge Worked" which will be held in the following periods on and off CUHK campus:



23 – 31 Oct (Wed - Thu)

G/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park,
CUHK Main Campus

1 – 10 Nov (Fri - Sun)

Exhibition Hall Area, Franklin Center, CUHK Main Campus

11 – 15 Nov (Mon - Fri)

G/F Lobby, Main Block, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, N.T.

You are welcome to take a look of the interesting and inspiring works achieved by different teams there!

PALM Workshop by Prof Siegfried Raasch (posted on 2/10/2013)

Prof Siegfried Raasch and his team hosted a workshop on  PALM (PArallelized Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) Model) from 25 to 29 Sept 2013 at School of Architecure, CUHK. 17 participants from Japan, Koera and Hong Kong attended the workshop to learn the application of the model under the detailed explanation of the teaching team.


HKIA CPD Seminar on Urban Climate Study (posted on 1/9/2013)

Prof REN Chao gave a seminar on "Urban Climate Study and Beyond" to about 25 HKIA members on 30 August. Please click here to view the event poster.

PALM workshop in Hong Kong 25-29 Sept 2013 (posted on 6/6/2013)

Prof Siggi Raasch and his team will host the next PALM workshop in Hong Kong 25-29 Sept 2013.  Very limited seats (up to 1 / institution) is available. 

PALM is a powerful LES model. PArallelized Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) Model PALM is optimized for use on massively parallel computers, and it is very well suited for simulations with an extremely large number of grid points. The current supercomputer of the North German Supercomputing Center, an SGI-ICE machine with 12000 cores, allows calculations with up to  64,000,000,000 grid points, or 8KM x 8KM x 1KM at 1m grid.

It has been used by CUHK team to study Hong Kong's highly complex urban air ventilation characteristics in the past few years.  

For more workshop details, please click here to view the event poster.

A presentation on "Research Prorities for Community Resilience: Mitigating Health Risk in Disaster and Humanitarian Crisis in the Asia Pacific Region"

Prof Emily Chan, Director of CCOUC, gave a presentation on "Research Priorities for Community Resilience: Mitigating Health Risk in Disaster and Humanitarian Crisis in the Asia Pacific Region" in the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva on 20 May 2013.

中上環空氣差GIC地宜「加綠」 與銅鑼灣荃灣觀塘同屬「極度敏感」



  規劃署○六年中展開《都市氣候圖及風環境標準可行性》研究,透過分析各區的建築物體積、地形、綠化空間、地面覆蓋率及自然植被等,了解各區的熱負荷(Thermal Load)和風流通潛力(Dynamic Potential),先為本港擬訂「都市氣候分析圖」,最近再藉此訂出「都市氣候規劃建議圖」,將本港不同地區劃入五個都市氣候規劃分區之中。






Talk on Urban Climatic Application of Hong Kong to Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority(URA) (posted on 10/04/2013)

Prof. Edward NG gave a lecture on "Air Ventilation Assessment and Urban Climatic Application of Hong Kong" to a team of Singapore URA officers when they came to CUHKon 8 Apr 2013.  After the lecture, they had an in-depth discussion and sharing session on the relevant planning implementation and design practice and control. 

An Invited lecture on Urban Climatic Application and Sustainable Urban Planning (posted on 02/04/2013)

Prof Edward Ng and Prof Chao Ren gave an invited lecture on "Urban Climatic Application and Sustainable Urban Planning" to Beijing Meteorology Bureau on 2 Apr 2013.

An Invited lecture on Sustainable Climatic Urban Design and the Possible Implementation to Lishui (posted on 02/04/2013)

Prof Edward Ng and Prof Chao Ren gave an invited lecture on "Sustainable Climatic Urban Design and the Possible Implementation to Lishui" to the government officers of Lishui city on 1 Apr 2013.

Talk on Urban Climatic Application and Sustainable Urban Design to HKU Master students (posted on 28/03/2013)

Prof Chao REN gave an invited talk on urban climatic application and sustainable urban design on 21 Feb 2013 to around 60 Master students of Environmental Management Programme. They are with a diverse background (engineering, biological sciences, geography, etc).

"Towards A Smart City and Healthy Living" (posted on 24/01/2013)

Our project will be extended one year under the support of the CUHK Knowledge Transfer Office. The project of this year is titled "Towards A Smart City an Healthy Living". We will collaborate with Prof Emily Chan, Director of CCOUC, to organise various activities such as lectures and workshops to disseminate relevant knowledge and research findings.



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