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The issue of climate change and urban climate has recently been a hot and important topic among the planning and building professionals.  In the recent World Climate Conference 3 in Geneva in Sept, a prelude to the Copenhagen Summit later this year, scientists and experts have resolved in their declaration that “implementation” and “action” should be the next key milestone of efforts to address the world climate change issues.  And the need to include urban climate and sustainable city design has been a key agenda.

In Hong Kong, CUHK has been the regional leader in urban climate studies.  Since 2003, researchers led by Professor Edward Ng have conducted various studies and have advised the Hong Kong Government key strategic actions.  The government of Hong Kong has recently launched a number of initiatives based on CUHK’s researches.  The Air Ventilation Assessment Methodologies – invented in CUHK – to combat the so call “wall effects” is one of them.  They have profound impact to practice, and the industry is crying out for helps.  It is necessary to assist and to communicate the knowledge more systemically to the industry and the professionals.

As leader of the topic and with the collaboration of the Hong Kong Professional Green Building Council and Hong Kong Institute of Architects, we hope to disseminate our research knowledge, and to educate the professionals how to use and apply our research information.  We aim to “start to” transform the construction industry in the era of climate awareness. Therefore, two one day workshops on Urban Climate for design and planning, given by Prof. Edward Ng and Ms Ren Chao, were held in June 2010. The workshops were co-organised with Hong Kong Institute of Architects and Professional Green Building Council, and sponsered by the Knowledge Transfer Fund of CUHK.




Supported by CUHK Knowledge Transfer Project Fund