We are looking for suitably qualified and energetic researchers and scholars to join our existing team to work on projects and topics related to (A) climate change and urban climate, (B) urban climate and health, (C) urban climate and space use, (D) urban climate and ageing, (E) urban climate, human thermal comfort and urban living, (F) urban climate and architectural design, and (G) urban climate and urban design and planning. 

We use WRF, LES, CFD, Envimet, EnergyPlus and many other model simulation tools.  We use remote sensing images and techniques.  We use GIS and programme our macros and plug-ins.  We use statistical and other data analytical techniques to understand our data and results.  We work on weather files and climate change projections.  We do wind tunnel tests and conduct field measurements.  We draw up design and planning guidelines for governments and professionals.  And we conduct design studies to showcase our scientific concepts. 

We have worked with mathematicians, statisticians, meteorologists, physicists, biologists, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, wind tunnel specialists, geographers, computer scientists, big data and data analysts, and medical and public health experts.  We also work with policy makers, government officials, professionals and industry stakeholders.  For our policy work, we engage and involve the community. 

We collaborate with many researchers and laboratories in Hong Kong and around the world.  We formulate joint projects and host joint workshops.  We approach our investigation with a multi-disciplinary spirit in mind.  We conduct knowledge transfer workshops and continue professional development courses for industry partners. We have PhD students from all sorts of background. 

In short, it does not matter where you came from.  We are interest to know where you want to go.  If your interest aligns with ours and if you want to contribute your ideas, please send your application to Doris Tam, Rm 505, School of Archtiecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, NT

Now, we have the following vacancies: