The Web-based Platform for Visualizing Impact of Urban Design on Local Urban Climatic Condition (19 Jun 14 - 31 Jun 15)
• Researchers: REN chao, NG Edward, YIM Steve
• Funding Amount: HK$75,000.00
• Funding source: Courseware Development Grant Scheme, CUHK

The project aims to develop a web-based platform of urban climatic application into high-density city and environmental design. It will build a comprehensive, interactive and integrative web-based platform for students to learn environmental design and urban climatic application. It also can visualize and examine the impact of students’ design project on local urban climatic and environmental conditions so that students can adjust their design properly to achieve a better environmental design. It would assist the teaching of architectural design studio on climatic-responsive design and encourage the interdisciplinary collaboration between both teachers of School of Architecture and Dept. of Geography Resource & Management of CUHK.