Croucher Advanced Study Institute 2011-12: Urban Climatology for Tropical and Sub-tropical Regions (5 Dec 11 - 1 Jun 13)
• Researchers: NG Yan Yung, FUNG Chi Hung Jimmy, Gerald Mills, REN Chao, FUNG Tung, LAM Kin Che, CHAN Ying Yang Emily, NICHOL Janet E, YAU Raymond, LI Yuguo, MOK Hing Yim, LI C M Phyllis, WONG Kam Sing
• Funding Amount: HK$596,000
• Funding source: The Croucher Foundation

Urban climatology is a new subject that started from the late nineteenth century. Most urban climatic phenomena, such as urban energy budget, urban heat island, air pollution dispersion and urban ventilation have been investigated, but more needs to be done scientifically. There is a great need to scientifically understand urban climatic characteristics and conditions especially for the tropical and sub-tropical regions which much of the developing world is located in. At the same time they are experiencing rapid urbanization over the last 50 years. However their urban development has been lack of knowledge transfer and application based on methodological and objective protocol scientifically. A number of environmental problems and degradation in these regions have been brought about, like air pollution and heat stress, which affect a significant impact on the citizens’ health and comfort. These cities urgently require the application of urban climatic knowledge in urban planning for sustainable urban development in these regions. It is important to find ways to knowledge bridge scientific researches and application for planning practice together. Hence, we propose to have three inter-connected ASIs that will bring together scientists and practitioners, disseminate existing knowledge of tropical and sub-tropical climatic regions, and accelerate the exchange and research collaboration between overseas experts and local researchers, advanced postgraduates, practitioners, designers and professionals. (SS11969)