PLEA2018: Smart and Healthy within the 2-degree Limit (25 Apr 18 - 31 Mar 19)
• Researchers: NG Yan Yung
• Funding Amount: HK$500,000
• Funding source: Environment and Conservation Fund, HKSAR

PLEA, which stands for “Passive and Low Energy Architecture”, serves as a renowned, highly ranked international annual conference to discuss and promote the development of bioclimatic design and the application of natural and innovation techniques for sustainable architecture and design.

It is the first time since PLEA’s foundation in 1981 that Hong Kong will host a PLEA conference. And Hong Kong is the first Chinese city to host this important event. As a high-density city with compact living and complexed urban fabrics but scenic greenery countryside, the conference will demonstrate how Hong Kong shrive for a balance between environmental conservation and urban development for housing needs. It will also showcase a number of green facilities through city tours, and how sustainable guidelines and measures are adopted to achieve sustainable and comfort living.

With the theme “Smart and Healthy within the 2-degree Limit”, PLEA 2018 is expected to bring together about 300 academia, practicing architects, building professionals, students and industry members from over 40 countries, to review the recent progress on the climate change mitigation and generate new solution for the building sector, the largest “contributor” of greenhouse gases, towards a more resilient and sustainable developments at building, neighbourhood and city scales.