Parametric Studies of Urban Morphologies of High Density Cities and their Air Ventilation Performance under Neutral and Unstable Atmospheric Conditions Using Advanced LES (14408214) (Jan 14 - 31 Mar 18)
• Researchers: NG Yan Yung, WANG Weiwen
• Funding Amount: HK$1,523,012
• Funding source: Research Grants Council - General Research Fund

The project will use the PArallelised LES Model (PALM) developed at the Leibniz University of Hannover for simulating turbulent atmospheric flows. The model has been previously verified as being suitable for the task at hand. This study also aims to provide a better scientific understanding of urban air ventilation patterns under “realistic” atmospheric conditions. Different urban layouts and morphologies will be tested to establish a parametric understanding between urban forms and urban air ventilation performance. The study will inform the current Air Ventilation Assessment (AVA) system in Hong Kong. The city’s urban air ventilation will be more correctly predicted, thereby yielding better data for the design and planning of critical cases in the city’s metro areas. This information on how to design with greater environmental sensitivity will be useful for architects and planners not only in Hong Kong, but also in other high-density cities in the tropical regions.