The 2nd Stage Study of Urban Climate Map for Macau (2 May 14 - 1 May 15)
• Researchers: NG Yan Yung, REN Chao, GONG Fangying, YUAN Chao, FUNG Chi Hung Jimmy, CHAN Jimmy, Siegfried RAASCH, Marius KECK, Lutz KATZSCHNER
• Funding Amount: HK$6,400,000
• Funding source: The Government of Macau Specal Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China

The joint partnership research study aims to further understand and analysis the urban environmental and climatic condition of Macau based on the findings of the first stage study. It focuses on the study of wind environment of Macau. The objectives of this stage of work are: (A). To assemble and collate existing information data and to create an GIS information platform; (B). To conduct a meso-scale simulation of wind environment by using MM5-CLMATE model; (C). To carry out a micro-scale CFD simulation of new reclamation areas; (D). To expertly evaluate the existing condition and to get an comprehensive understanding of Macau wind environment; (E). To understand the wind environment of new reclamation areas and to evaluate its master plan. The world-wide collaboration researchers are from MIT, HKUST, Hannover University and Kassel University, Germany.