Air Ventilation Assessment (AVA) for Indoor Recreation Centre in Area 14 (Siu Lun), Tuen Mun
• Researchers: NG Yan Yung, YUAN Chao
• Funding source: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government

In order to improve air ventilation, enhance the environmental quality at pedestrian level, and mitigate the heat island effect caused by the walling effect of "long building", better design for Indoor Recreation Centre in Area 14 (Siu Lun) is needed. The current design cannot meet the requirements about the building separation and permeability in Sustainable Building Design Guideline (APP-152). This project first recommends decreasing the continuous projected fa├žade length (Lp) to meet the requirements in APP-152. Secondly, given that Lp cannot be decreased by designers, this project conducts an expert evaluation to assess the preliminary air ventilation impacts of the proposed building design on the surrounding wind environment at the pedestrian level, and to make recommendations of different options to mitigate the negative effects arising by the proposed building. (EE11572)