Urban Climatic Map and Standards for Wind Environment - Feasibility Study (10 Jun 06 - 31 Mar 13)
• Researchers: NG Yan Yung, TAM Iris , JIANG Jun, NG, Ka Chiu Samuel, COLES Jeffrey
• Funding Amount: HK$9,700,000
• Funding source: Planning Department, HKSAR

Urban Ventilation, air quality and planning development is a topical issue in Hong Kong. Planning Department of HKSAR has recently launched the Air Ventilation Assessment protocol. The protocol was earlier developed by Professor Edward Ng of Department of Architecture at CUHK. Further works is desired. This study will provide an Urban Climatic Map for Hong Kong. The map could be used to guide strategic planning decisions. In addition, it aims to eastablish a wind performance criterion for urban air ventilation in Hong Kong, as well as to refine the current AVA System.

Courtesy: Planning Department, HKSAR Government