Increasing the Resilience to the Health Impacts of Extreme Cold Weather on Older Population under Future Climate Change (CUHK-R4040-22) (30 Jun 23 - 29 Jun 27)
• Researchers: NG Yan Yung, Kevin LAU, Jean WOO, Helene LAM, Patsy CHAU, REN Chao, Square FONG, JImmy FUNG, WANG Dan
• Funding Amount: HK$10,285,714
• Funding source: Research Grants Council - Research Impact Fund

This study aims to contribute by: (1) establishing the frequency and intensity of the extreme cold and damp events, and evaluate their health effects to the older population on a year-round basis; (2) developing a more holistic mitigation action plan with better urban planning and building design under hot and cold extreme weather; and (3) developing a more holistic adaptation action plan for supporting services to increase the resilience of the older population to hot and cold extreme weather. This study will provide a methodological framework for incorporating the scientific knowledge of both extreme hot and cold weather and their associated impacts on the elderly health and well-being into a comprehensive plan for response actions.

The impact of the study will include:
(1) The findings of the study will help the Hong Kong Observatory transform the current simple weather information system into a more comprehensive one that is capable of reflecting timely conditions of different districts.
(2) Guidance will be developed for urban planners, architects, developers and other professionals in the field to help the industry fully unleash its potential in building towards a sustainable and healthy city under the vision of Hong Kong 2030+ and Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050.

(3) Current services will be improved by incorporating information provided by the new weather warning system. Housing protocols will be developed to better cater to the elderly’s need under extreme weather conditions (i.e., hot, cold and damp). Social workers and volunteers will be trained to take better care of the elderly under such conditions.