Towards Urban Planning Strategies to Improve the Wind Environment in High Density Cities Based on Better Understanding of the Urban Morphology by Using Large Eddy Simulation Model (LES) (G_HK026/11) (1 Jan 12 - 31 Dec 13)
• Researchers: NG Yan Yung, Siegfried RAASCH, YUAN Chao, Dipl.-Met. Marcus Oliver LETZEL
• Funding Amount: HK59,200
• Funding source: Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme

Hong Kong is one of the highest density cities in the world. With a high rate of urbanization, higher and bulkier buildings with very limited open spaces in between blocked urban natural ventilation at the pedestrian level which is important to the civilians' health and thermal comfort. Therefore, optimizing building permeability to ensure adequate nature ventilation into high density urban areas is a major design problem facing planners. This project proposes to understand Hong Kong's mega density urban morphology and fabric by using Large Eddy Simulation (LES) model. In this project, the parametric study will be conducted to get the detailed understanding about the wind behaviors in different urban morphology and street fabric. Based on the detailed understanding, planning criteria and strategies could be established. The finding from this project will not only be of interest for the scientific community but also serve as practical tools for decision-makers in public health, urban climatology and urban planners. The contribution of this study is to apply the LES model for real life problems. (EE11751)