A Preliminary Study of Using Remote Sensing Techniques to Obtain Urban Morphological Information and its Implications on Thermal Comfort and Heat-related Impact in Urban Areas: a Case Study of Hangzhou (1 Aug 15 - 31 Jul 16)
• Researchers: REN Chao, GOGGINS William, XU Yong, YUAN Chao
• Funding Amount: HK$37,350
• Funding source: CUHK Research Committee Funding - Direct Grant

The present study aims to apply satellite data into urban morphology studies to examine the spatial variation of land use conditions in urban areas and their impact on local climatic condition, to build up a data-based urban climatic mapping system and as well as conduct heat-related impact analysis for better planning and design strategies. Since Hangzhou is facing fast urbanization and heat wave is a key concern by local government, it is selected as case study.  Five tasks are included in this study: Data preparation and processing; acquisition of urban morphological information; urban climatic mapping; statistical analysis on health-related impact; and planning recommendations.

The proposed study will contribute to scholarly understanding of Hangzhou thermal environment and health-related impact under typical summer conditions. In practice, the findings will provide planners and policy makers with a spatial reference to assist their design and decision for creating high quality urban living environment.