Wind Amplification Study of An Integrated Teaching Building at CUHK (8 Nov 17 - 7 May 18)
• Researchers: NG Yan Yung
• Funding Amount: HK$108,000
• Funding source: Able Engineering Co Ltd

This is a wind amplification study of the design case by means of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) to:

i) demonstrate that no pedestrian areas will be subject to excessive wind speeds and there are no stagnant areas not flushed by breezes according to the methodology and requirements(SA 8a) of the BEAM Plus Manual V1.2 for New Buildings

ii) compare the predicted wind speeds against the maximum value of 4 m/s;

iii) conduct the air ventilation performance of the Baseline Case and the Proposed Design Case by means of CFD Approach according to the methodology and requirements (SA 8c) of the BEAM Plus Manual V1.2 for New Buildings;

iv) compare and identify the deficiency of the Proposed Design Case with respect to the air ventilation performance and

v) summarise all the findings.