This Program is Unique in that it combines education resources design and interactive learning in one.

The Program of the Interface Project will be initiated in Sai Kung district and participated by up to 6 Secondary Schools. The Program is formulated in association with the Sai Kung District School Heads Association.

This 1.5 years Program brings together technical expertise of Territory institutions and the participation and administrative cooperation of the School sector. The Program is unique in that it combines education resources design and interactive learning in one. The participative process of the Program is therefore as important as the final outcome.

The key activity of the Program is focused on the Road Show Pavilion. The key different between this Pavilion and 'a traveling exhibition' is in the "Process". That is to say, the Pavilion will be designed, built, moved, exhibited, maintained and perhaps decommissioned in consultation and with full collaboration between technical experts of the Universities, school Principals and Teachers, and most importantly, the student communities of the Universities and School Sectors.

Selected Secondary School Students from Participative schools will be the Ambassadors of the Program for their schools. They will gain hands on experience working with the University Students and be the channel feeding backs to their school community at large.

Lectures to the Public, Seminars to School Teachers, an oversea Summer Camp, an on-going Web based Program diary and an Education Resources Kit compliment the Road Shows.

The objectives of the Program are: To promote awareness and interest of the Environment and Renewable Energy Technology in a participative and consultative manner.


To bring together territory, secondary schools and the industry sector to design an education programme on renewable energy, including a Road Show, a series of Seminars for school Teachers, a Summer Camp and an Education Resources Kit.