A Bridge Too Far was widely reported by mass media. Click to see the press release

The Exhibition will be presented at ArchSD in October.

The Exhibition is at PolyU (24-30 Sept 05)
It will be held at the School of Design, SD gallery, Core A. All of you are welcomed to join.

The Exhibition is at CUHK (12-18 Sept 05)
The opening will be held at the Department of Architecture, all of you are welcomed to join.
Venue: 5/F, Wong Foo Yuan Building, CUHK

There has been sudden change of TVB schedule, the bridge construction programme, Sunday Report, will be postponed to 18thSeptember at 7:05pm.

We make use of the photos and video taken in the trip to publish a photo album, a DVD, and a set of bookmark. If you are interested in it please download the form here.

Venue: 1/F, Devon House, TaiKoo Place, 979 King's Road, Island East, Hong Kong
Opening Ceremony: Friday 26thAugust 5:30pm
Date: 26-30.08.2005 (8:00am-9:00pm)
Exhibition Invitation

TV programme, Sunday Report, will cover the whole bridge construction on 4thSeptember at 7:05pm.

The new bridge was completed
We are very delighted that the new bridge (無止橋) was built on site. Thank you for the great contribution of all volunteers.
We are now preparing the exhibtion on 26-30/8 and the publication of a photo album and a book.
please also see the new gallery here.

Exhibition & Publication
Exhibitions will be hold in Taikoo place after the construction trip. Meanwhile, a photo ablum will be published.

To all volunteers
Thank you for coming the meeting on 2/7
If you don't get the volunteer guidebook on that meeting, we will distribute to you on 8/7. Or you can download a gallery here.

Places that we have visited in China:
Timber markets
Bamboo market
Steel markets
Aluminum factory
Maosi Village

Thank you for Elite Group Asia Ltd. sponsoring schoolbags and stationary for the mainland students

Thank you for Marathon Sports sponsoring bottles and towels for our trip on July

Some photos of the village in winter added.
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Thank you for coming the briefing and interview section. The choosen volunteers were listed.

A Bridge Too Far on Young Post of SCMP
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Some advsors and students visited a gabion factory which will provide gabion for constructing the base of the bridge.
photo 1 | photo2 | photo 3

Volunteers enrolment is successfully finished. An interview is arranged for the participants.

Trip: 8th-22nd July
Most students will go this trip. It is longer as students will visit some of the place in Xian This trip will hopefully complete the bridge.

We are now starting to enroll volunteers for Xi'an bridge construction in June 2005.

A TV programme, Sunday Report (星期日檔案), will specially talk about the student in the Village. Our advisor, Edward Ng, was interviewed in the programme.
Programme: Sunday Report (Jade)
Date: 16th January, 2005
Time: 7:05pm

Our Design Team is going to make a mock up in the New Territaries. We will try to use different materials to make the mock up. This move can not only ensure the strength of the chosen material, but also find out the difficulties during the construction on site.

The project has been reported by the Oriental Daily today.
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