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BUILDING TECHNOLOGY III (Environmental Technology)

Semester 2 2008-09, Thursday 9:30-12:15 @ CKB 109

Edward Ng, Architecture, CUHK



Introduces the fundamental concepts of passive environmental design. Examines the effect on buildings and their occupants of environmental conditions of light, temperature, air movement, and sound. Case studies are used to reviews both traditional and current approaches of representative building types in more depth. Prerequisite: ARC1411.


                  To understand the significances of environmental design in architecture.
                  To understand and to be able to apply appropriate environmental strategies in different climatic and urban contexts to achieve human comfort.
                  To have a basic understanding of the building physics related to passive environmental design.
                  To appreciate the application and integration of passive environmental design in architectural works.
                  To develop skills in conducting a systematic investigation into the subject and presenting the results in a clear and convincing manner.


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