Nobody needs one but everybody wants one.”


2021 Porsche Carrera 911S


If I can still remember correctly, when I was a student in Nottingham, from time to time between studio submissions, I went to the Porsche showroom to sit in their cars.  I sat in the 928 and the 911.  I enjoyed sitting in the 928 more than the 911 as it was more comfortable, but the look of the 911 appealed more.  I had no chance then to take them out for a ride.  For me, I always believe “one day” I will.


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c5/12-01-03-autostadtl-by-RalfR-81.jpg/1280px-12-01-03-autostadtl-by-RalfR-81.jpg  Modernized Porsche 928 Looks Athletic, Shows 911 Features - autoevolution


In late 2020, Porsche bought out its electric Taycan.  I went to the showroom and tried it.  I liked it.  However, since my housing estate hesitated to allow me to install a charging device, I reckoned I would have no way to owning one soon.  While I was in the Porsche showroom, I sat in their newly launched 911 (992).  I suddenly recalled my Nottingham days when I was still young, energetic and hopeless.  I told myself, why not.   A few weeks later, I went back and ordered a grey-colour 911 Carrera S with a 335KW engine.  I was told that it would be ready by May/June 2021, or just before my 60th year birthday – I have been waiting 40 years since my student days! 


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Buying a car in Hong Kong is never cheap.  This is because our government levies a 130% tax on each one of them L.  Nevertheless, to me, 911 is not just a car, it is an artifact with a beautiful timeless design.  For an architect/designer, it is an object that signifies the Modern Movement and the beginning of a new machine age.  Hence, I will not just drive it as a car to go around, I will appreciate and enjoy it as an object – on the road of course.


  Canepa 完整翻新強化1963 年經典車款Porsche 356B | HYPEBEAST 

This 1961 Porsche (356B) came out the year I was born


For my day-to-day commute, I have my Pinarello with a 60-year-old 200W engine that only consumes good food and fresh air!


2014 Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Sky Team Edition for Sale in San Diego, CA -  OfferUp


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