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A School to Learn



“I wish my people to be educated and inherit our Red Yao (ethnic group) cultural identity and custom.” was the brief of the village head. This Hongdeng School provides a suitable place for Red Yao to study and gather.

By researching and respecting the local custom and traditions, the project fused modern knowhow and traditional crafts. The school was hand built only with materials sourced locally. Local carpenters were taught ways to make the timber works more efficient based, whereas the designers and volunteers were shown the best of their traditional crafts. Since the harvest and procurement of natural building materials and human resources completely depends on the agricultural calendar, the construction master program adopted the use of Chinese Agricultural Calendar, which truly reflects our respect with the nature.

This project gives a new live to advance local traditional carpentry to meet their modern needs, and also provides a place to sustain their heritage.

Location: Hongdeng Village, Rongshui, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

Site area: approx. 1,700 m2

Building type: education


Project architects and key team members: Edward NG, ZHU Jingxiang

Sponsor: Matthew Bible Study Group / Gammon Construction Limited


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-HKIA Annual Awards 2009-Special Architectural Award –Jury's Special Prize

-10th Challenge Cup-Grand Prize

-The Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Awards 2010-Highly Commended