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Bower Studio





A ‘bower’ is a simple structure traditionally used by Indigenous Australians to shelter from sun, rain and wind. The ‘Bower Studio’ projects undertaken by postgraduate students at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne reference the bower as the basic component of shelter and seeks to build upon its relevance for contemporary Indigenous development and housing in Australia and neighbouring countries.¬†While a basic bower structure may not represent the aspirations of all indigenous peoples, it does help us understand the key issue of shelter for the climate, culture and technologies (which in turn link with spatial forms and their capacities to define ‘place’).


Address: Room 411, Architecture Building, 757 Swanston St, University of Melbourne VIC 3010, AUSTRALIA

Telephone:  03 8344 8761

Email: djobrien@unimelb.edu.au

Website: http://www.bowerstudio.com.au/index.htm



Pavillion in Nong Tong Lim, Thailand


Relationship Building in Gudorrka, Darwin NT


House 8 Renovation in Gudorrka, Darwin, NT


Pavilion in Bumbu and Serongko Villages, PNG

Media Box

Media Box in Knuckeys Lagoon and Gudorrka, Darwin NT



0-5 Early Learning Centre in Wakathuni, WA

Community Centre

Community Centre in Bellary Springs, WA

Composting Ablutions Facility

Composting Ablutions Facility in Lae, Papua New Guinea

Outdoor Living & Kitchen

Outdoor Living & Kitchen in Belyuen, NT