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Guangming Village, Longtoushan Town, Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, China

  Project Updates    

May 2016 - project progress

The 2nd demonstration village house has been completed on 20 May. Despite of structure improvement, new design of the house makes maximum use of natural lighting and improves air circulation in the house. Please click here for more details.




Jun 2015 - project progress

The 1st demonstration village house has been completed in the end of Mar. Please click here to see its project summary.

In the past two months, the team concluded the building techniques and experiences gained from the construction of the 1st village house. And they are planning to launch the 2nd demonstration village house project in mid of Jul for an aged couple whose only shelter was a simple canvas structure after the earthquake.


May 2015 - project progress

To further investigate anti-seismic rammed earth architecture, Kunming University of Science and Technology and the Chinese University of Hong Kong jointly organized a 1-week workshop that involved student participants from both campuses in late May. The workshop's goal is to provide students a hands-on experience on the design and construction of rammed earth structure. Please click here to see the workshop report.

The team completed a manual for anti-seismic rammed-earth house construction (Chinese version only) in May. Please feel free to click here to download for reference.



Feb 2015 - project progress

Main construction work for the 1st demonstration village house has been completed on 10 Feb. The household moved in before Lunar Chinese New Year. The team hopes that it may alleviate pain and suffering inflicted by the earthquake and they can restart their new lives.



Jan 2015 - project progress

In mid Jan, the team conducted an anti-seismic testing for 1:1 abode brick wall and rammed earth wall. The test proves that their structures have good anti-seismic performance.




Dec 2014 - project progress

The construction work for the ground floor was completed in mid Dec. And the construction work for the 1st floor is expected to be completed on 8 Jan next year. Then the commencement work for the roof may start afterward. The final construction work will be completed by the end of Jan. The team believes that the household can move in the new house before Lunar New Year.

Nov 2014 - project progress

Rammed earth construction method is used to build the 1st demonstration village house. Under the team’s supervison, the foundation was completed in mid Nov.



Oct 2014 - Investigation in Guangming Village

Team members from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Kunming University of Science and Technology and University of Cambridge had a visit to Guangming Village, one of the affected villages. After a detailed investigation, the team decided to launch a village rebuilding assistance programme in Guangming Village in late Oct and planned to rebuild the 1st demonstration village house within 3 months. Please click here to see the details of the work report (in Chinese version only).

Sep 2014 - 1st visit to affected areas in Ludian County

In order to learn about the situation after the earthquake, the team visited to affected areas in Ludian County, including Longtoushan Town, Huodehong Town and Shuimo Town, etc in late Sep.


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