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Project Site @ Miwang Village, Mawang Town, Youyang County, Chongqing, China

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Miwang Village is located over 400 m above sea level in the mountainous terrain n the east of Mawang Town. It is one of 130 poor villages in the County.

The village is grouped with 4 natural villages (Yangjia, Xiaogou, Mitian and Yantan). There are total 12 village groups with population of 1,032 households and 4,120 people. Labour force from the village are mostly migrant workers (85%). The elderly and children are left in the village and their living conditions are very difficult.

Proposed bridge site is located in the 8th village group (named Tanjiazhai). The water level in the rainy season is about 1-2 meters. During day season in summer, the villagers use a few stones to crosee the river. When the water rises, they need to take two mountain roads to reach the other side of the river. It causes great inconvenience to them.





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Oct 2019 - project progress

On 29 October 2019, "Yi Xin Qiao" of Miwang Village was successfully completed.


Sep 2019 - 1st Investigation

The team conducted the 1st investigation trip in Sep and initially proposed to design a 12 meters long and 1.2 meters wide footbridge for the villagers.


Copyright © 2022. All Rights Reserved. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.