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Project Site @ Dujia Village, Xinglong Town, Yubei District, Chongqing, China

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Located in a hilly area at Xinglong Town in Chongqing, Dujia Village suffers economically as people move out.

A river cuts through an important pathway 50 meters from the Dujia primary school, and villagers can only wade across it. As water rises to up to two meters deep every year from May to September, crossing becomes highly dangerous.

As the water is deep and rapid during summer every year, it is recommended to build a bridge with deck height above a flood level to prevent flooding of wood and stones which may damage the bridge.



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Mar 2017 - project progress

The team conducted an investigation trip in Mar. Mapping and data collection work were done. As there are more mud on both river sides, it is appropriate to have a larger span for the bridge. Initial proposed bamboo arch bridge can be 20 meters long. Please click here to see the work report (in Chinese version only).

Jan 2107 - project progress

The team visited the village in Jan to understand the situation of the village and got the intension of building a new bridge with local officers and township government.

Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.