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China's rural development is imbalanced and chaotic. There are several problems in poor rural areas of China:

Environment problems

  • water and land pollution
  • climate change
  • reduction of biocapacity
  • frequent natural disasters

Social problems

  • poor rural living environment
  • dubious social security of migrant workers
  • low level of education
  • rural degradation
  • disappearance of local culture

Economic problems

  • rural poverty
  • risks in food security
  • energy crisis

The conventional rural modernization development model is unsuitable for poor rural areas in China (areas that are mountainous, scattered, with low social development, and a varied minority culture). A new rural development paradigm must be crafted.

Modernization paradigm   New rural development paradigm
  • Inward investment
  • Sectoral modernization
  • Financial capital
  • Exploitation and control of nature
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Production
  • Industrialization
  • Social modernization
  • Convergence
  • Endogenous development
  • Bottom-up innovation
  • Territorially based integrated development
  • Social capital
  • Sustainable development
  • Information infrastructure
  • Consumption
  • Small-scale niche industries
  • Valorization of tradition
  • Local embeddedness

Please click here to see more Central Government policies on rural development for reference.

Possible Location

The program might be conducted in some poor rural areas of Southwest China with the following criteria(s):

  • mountain area
  • minority inhabit district
  • less than 3,000 yuan annual per capita income
  • low level of health and education
  • adults migrate for work and left young and old people behind


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